Data is paramount.

At Expeditus Transport, we believe and understand that data is paramount and that technology should work for you. Having the necessary information and technology to collect, analyze, and implement data into the critical thinking process is vital for a company's growth and survival. With this in mind, we utilize an advanced Transportation Management System (TMS), allowing us to provide customizations per the needs of each of our customers.


As data and market conditions constantly change, so does our technology. Expeditus continues to evolve by efficiently streamlining its processes and procedures to guarantee we exceed each of our customer's expectations. Our goal is for our technology to handle the heavy lifting when it comes to managing all facets of our customers’ transportation needs.


Some key technology features:


  • Cutting-edge, highly configurable, web-based Transportation Management System (TMS) to manage all aspects of customer loads
  • Customers can leverage continuous, up-to-the-minute tracking of freight to ensure that their load is on time
  • Customers can setup automated e-mail communications during critical transit points (arrivals, loaded, empty, at border, detention, etc.)
  • Customers have access to our back office portal, allowing you to obtain shipment POD's, pricing, and vehicle availability
  • Drivers can utilize in-cab scanning directly to our corporate office for fast and efficient processing of required paperwork
  • XML/EDI integration for customers and carriers to allow for a more streamlined process





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